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The role of the intellect is to hear the Lord -- The role of the will is to do it.
The Will + Intellect = the Mind

Spiritual - adjective for anything having to do with religious knowledge = our knowledge.  OUR INTELLECT

Heavenly - applies to everything having to do with Love for the Lord and for our neighbor.  OUR WILL

Spiritual person - represents the 6th day (Creation - story of regeneration of the human)  Focuses on eternal life as a goal; and then the Lord. Acknowledges spiritual and heavenly truth and goodness - through FAITH.  Subject to conflict, but always wins.  Restraints = internal - bonds of CONSCIENCE.  Spiritual people have no perception; only conscience.

Heavenly person - represents the 7th day (Creation).  Focuses first on the Lord; then His Kingdom; and then eternal life.  Believes and perceives truth and goodness of spiritual and heavenly kinds - no other faith than one that springs from LOVE.  No conflict ; spurns evil falsity = victors.  No apparent restraints to curb.  Invisible restraints - goodness and truth they perceive.

a. Heavenly people act not from their own desire - but the Lord's pleasure. (Not my will - but Thine, Oh God)..
b.  Heavenly people are blessed with inner peace and happiness.
c. Heavenly people depend on the Lord for perception of what is good and true.

Lifeless people - bodily and worldly truth and goodness only.  Focuses on bodily and world life as goals; no belief. Gives in to conflict - they are slaves to evil and falsity (evil and falsity are their Masters).  Self-love and materialism are forms of hatred.  Only external restraints - Fear, Law, Life, Wealth, Reputation ...many people never rise beyond this state. 

**Do not depend on yourself or the world around you-- Do not rely on sensory evidence or secular knowledge - when inquiring into the mysteries of Faith.

Breathing - breath - Life force.  the breath is the vital quality of Love and Faith.

Garden - Intelligence -(also) desert, gladness, voice of song.  Those are further intellectual (spiritual) aspects. Garden also represents = Human Being

Eden - Love -(also) wilderness, joy, acclimation.  Those are further loving (heavenly) aspects of faith.

East - The Lord

Tree - perception - inner feeling whether a thing is true and good -can only come from the Lord.
a). Tree Desirable in Appearance = perception of truth
b). Tree Good for Food = perception of goodness
c). Tree of Lives = Our Will. Love and the Faith it leads to.  The tree of lives stands in the middle of the garden - the tree is the Lord's mercy, the source of all Love and Faith = Life.
d). Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil = faith based only on evidence of the senses = secular knowledge.

Wisdom comes from Love - the Lord
Intelligence comes from Faith - the Lord

Good = Love = Lord
Truth = Faith = Lord

Gold - symbolizes goodness that belongs to wisdom or to Love.
Silver - symbolizes truth that belongs to understanding
Precious stones - religious truth
Stones - heavenly and spiritual quality of faith

Canaan - Mt. Zion = Heaven

River Pishon - knowledge - faith based in love
River Gihon - knowledge of goodness (Love) and truth (Faith)
River Hiddekel - ability to reason - clearsightedness
River Euphrates - secular, factual knowledge - the final boundry of the mind.  Sensory factual information.

Land of Cush (Ethiopia) = Mental abilities. The Will and Intellect - the Mind.  Knowledge of Love and Faith. Religious knowledge.
Egypt - Secular knowledge. Facts from the sensory.  Facts in the memory are the outer limit of understanding and wisdom.
Assyria - reasoning mind, the ability to think rationally.
--King of Assyria - delusions, falsities, falty reasoning.  Falsities adopted as premises.
Israel - the ability to understand
Philistines- those who seize on false premise and use them as a basis for reasoning about spiritual matters.

Example - "River goes east to Assyria" = From the Lord (east) (through the inner self) to the part of the mind that reasons (in outer self) Assyria.

Heavenly person's inner life organized: (pattern starts) Lord (East) to Wisdom to Understanding to Reason to Facts

Heavenly people acknowledge (perceive) absolutely everything is the Lord's.

Spiritual people acknowledge too, but only in speech - because they learned it from the Word.

None of us can acquire anything unless it is given to us from Heaven.

Garden of Eden = everything in a Heavenly person
Cultivating - free to enjoy all those things, but not to claim it as their own.
Ground - - Theology. The church, or the people in the church. Regenerate people (planted with heavenly seed)  The "outer" self.
Guarding - not to claim personal possession - it is the Lord's.  Preserving and protecting.

Animals - Contents of the Will - feelings ...Bad feelings (wolf, bear etc) good feelings (sheep, lamb).  Emotions of the Heavenly type.
Birds - Contents of the intellect and reasoning. Comprehension of the truth

To See and Name the Animals - Granting humankind the ability to recognize the nature of those feelings...gifts of the Lord.

Snake - Self Love. The snake means reliance solely on the senses and on factual knowledge. Our senses - which we trust.  A person's sensory abilities.  All evil.  Snakes are only able to hurt the "lowest" things on earth...(their own kind). 
Serpent - traveling on belly.  Sensory level could no longer look up toward Heavenly values as it had before....but only down-toward bodily or earthly ones
Snake's head - tyranny of evil in general and self love.  Seeks power over everything on earth - control over everything in Heaven...Dominate - Hate.  Snake's seed - all unbelief
Trampling - pushing it down until it travels on it's belly and eats dirt.

Example: "Snake head lifts up to dominate Heaven - until the Lord tramples it down to the ground."  When the snake raises it's head (tries to use abilities of the senses to overcome or dominate heavenly things.

Heel - what is bottommost on the earthly level - orientation towards the body. Also bottom-most things in the rational mind - the facts we know.
Belly - things that are closest to the earth - underground realm...Hell
Chest - things higher than earth
Head - highest things of all

Devil - Never means an individual devil who is the ruler of others - but the TOTAL horde of evil spirits = evil itself.

To the Lord, and consequently to the Angels in Heaven, the future is the same as the present.  What is to come is already here, or what will happen is already an accomplished fact.

People who take the Word literally:
a) Deceptive appearances, but readily allow themselves to learn better.
b) They believe the Lord is angry with the ungodly, punishes them and does evil to them.
c) They believe they can do good on their own - and that in the next life they will receive a reward from the Lord if they are intrinsically good.

The "literals" will learn:
a) That the good they do comes from the Lord.
b) The Lord rewards them freely out of Mercy.

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