Sunday, October 17, 2010


Heaven's quality is made up of everything that belongs to love.  Faith too is heavenly when it comes from love.  Charity is a heavenly thing.  All the good inspired by charity is heavenly.

We are our love or intention. Love is what makes us who we are; faith does so only to the extent that it arises from love -- and deeds and works come from both.  The nature of deeds and works is entirely determined by the nature of the thought and intent from which they stem, and apart from such thought and intent (Love and Faith), they are not deeds and works but only lifeless motions.

Since deeds and works are matters of intention and thought.   It amounts to the same thing whether you talk about our love or our intentions; whether you talk about faith or about our thoughts.

We come into heaven if our love is heavenly and spiritual and into hell if our love is carnal and worldly without any heavenly and spiritual dimension.

Heavenly love is loving what is good, honest and fair because it is good honest and fair...and doing it because of that love.  If we love these things for their own sakes and do and live them, we are also loving the Lord above all because they come from Him.  We are also loving our neighbor, because these things are our neighbor who is to be loved.  Deuteronomy 6

Carnal love is loving what is good and honest and fair not for their own sakes, but for our own sake, because we can use them to gain prestige, position and profit.  In this case, we are not focusing on the Lord and our neighbor within what is good and honest and fair-- but on ourselves and the world, and we enjoy deceit.

When the motive is deceit, then whatever is good and honest and fair is actually evil and dishonest and unfair...and that is what we love within.  The pleasures of carnal love are contempt for others, hostility, hatred and vengefulness.

Faith does not stay with us unless it comes from a heavenly love.  There is no faith and there can be none for people who are engrossed in carnal and worldly love.  There is only information, or a secondhand belief that something is true because it serves their own love. 

Simply believing the truth or the Word is not faith; but faith is loving what is true from a heavenly love and intending and doing it from a deep affection.

Faith without heavenly love is like the light of winter in which everything on earth lies dormant, bound by ice and buried in snow because there is no warmth (love) to the light.

Love in action (whether heavenly or carnal) is the work and the deed.  All works and deeds are matters of moral and civic life and therefore focus on what is honest and right (moral) and what is fair and equitable (civic).  The works and deeds of our moral and civic life are heavenly if we do them from heavenly love, because things we do from a heavenly love we do from the Lord, and everything we do from the Lord is good.

The works and deeds of our moral and civic life are hellish if they come from carnal love, since whatever we do from this type of love (which is love for ourselves and the world), we do for ourselves, and whatever we do for ourselves is intrinsically evil.

An individual's pleasure stems from our dominant love, for only things that feel pleasant to us are the ones we love; so the most pleasant of all is what we love above all.   All pleasures overall go back to one love that is universally dominant - in heaven, a love for the Lord, -- and in hell, a love for oneself.

Female - Intentions - Will - Love     {
Male - Thoughts - Intellect - Faith   {  = MARRIAGE


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